Now, nobody’s suggesting we return to the days when it was okay to throw your empty beer bottle in the woods. (Wait, did those days ever exist? No, they did not.) But some good, stupid fun isn’t the worst thing every now and then. (“Hold my beer.”) The crew at Pilchard Productions went to the Hillbilly Huckfest in Ål, Norway, this year and won the film contest with this skunky edit of riding crap bikes and generally being doofuses. (“Take 4 idiots, a load of beers, one incredible bike festival, some terrible bikes, 72 hours of messing about and you get Clunksauce!”) What’s striking about the short film, aside from the Scandinavian redneck caricature, is that the riding looks a whole lot like how things were for mountain bikers in the late 1980s. You can call ’em shitbikes, but they were state of the art back then.

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