Meet Sid Smith. A genetic disease destroyed his feet and left him unable to hike long distances as a child, so when his father and brothers took off for adventures in the Utah backcountry, Sid was forced to stay behind.

Decades later, through the aid of prosthetics, but also a whole lot of guts and willpower, Sid is finally able to go on the sorts of adventures he couldn’t as a child.

In this video, Sid, grown up now, himself a father, finally accompanies his dad on a hike to Utah’s highest mont, 13,527-foot King’s Peak, deep in the Uintas. Even better, he’s able to bring his own son along for the trip, three generations of Smiths. Sid explains how thrilled he was to push himself through something so tough, a lesson he hoped to teach his son on the way.


Sid’s journey and unfailing spirit remind the viewer—excuses be damned. If you want to climb a mountain, climb it. The toughest journeys are the most fulfilling.

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