Seriously, European car makers, whiskey tango foxtrot? Do you not know that Americans are starving for reasonably priced (and reliable) alternatives to Eurovans, Sportsmobiles, and Sprinters? First VW teased, and now Nissan, which has announced two new camper vans, including the electric e-NV200.

The e-NV200 and NV300 made their debut last month at the Madrid Motor Show. The NV200 rolls out the door for about $32,000—approximately seven grand for the camper conversion on top of a base price of $25,000. True, that only gets you a range on the e-NV300 of 124 miles, with an 80 percent recharge rate in an hour, but there’s always the gas powered NV300. And if you’re comparing prices, that’s a much easier hit to the budget than the $50,000-plus NVs being customized by Recon.

But—and there’s always big buts—the Nissans are only available in Spain.


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