Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel successfully skied 28,251-foot K2 from the top, his second try in two years. The 30-year-old turned back on K2 last summer in the face of dangerous conditions, but tagged the top this morning, along with 31 other climbers, then descended without incident. His team tweeted the photo, below, saying, “The K2 summit has been won! Time to descend ✊🏻 # K2SkiChallenge #hicsuntleones # StrengthZubra #dodaCiskrzydel.”

Photo by Marek Ogień

Bargiel is fourth notable skier to attempt K2 in the last decade and the first to link turns from the top down. In 2011, German Luis Stitzinger skied from 7,850 meters to base camp. In 2009, Dave Watson skied from 8,650 meters to the infamous Bottleneck. And in 2001, Hans Kammerlander skied the top 400 meters but abandoned his attempt after seeing another climber fall to this death. In 2010, Swedish ski mountaineer Fredrik Ericsson was attempt K2 and was killed in a fall on the ascent.



In the video below, Bargiel climbed the Abruzzi Spur to about 7,800 meters and skied from there.

Photo courtesy Andrzej Bargiel

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