Hello, AJ family! A lot of you took our 2018 reader survey, and one result stood out above all the others: Nearly 90 percent of you don’t like sponsored content in outdoor publications. So, guess what? Oh, right, you read the headline—there’s no sponsored content in AJ.

So, why don’t we accept it? Well, we believe that sponsored content compromises a publication’s ability to be honest, that it erodes reader trust, and that it can turn an independent voice into little more than a vehicle for marketing. We believe in journalism and we believe you should be able to trust the messenger. We believe that there’s a place for marketing and a place for honest opinion and that the two should be separate.

We also know that the AJ readership is made up of our friends, soon-to-be friends, and just-haven’t-met-yet friends, and we would never be able to look you in the eye if what we wrote and shared didn’t come purely from our hearts.



But here’s the thing: Because we don’t sell our reviews or social posts, or give coverage in exchange for advertising, we also rely on readers like you for support. And the biggest boost of support you can provide is to subscribe to Adventure Journal in print.

At $60 a year, I know that’s a big ask. But the stories and photos and recipes in AJ are exclusive to print. We won’t ever put them online. They’re designed to be read in the luxurious tactile experience of paper and ink.

It also costs a lot to produce such a beautiful product, including paying our writers and photographers what they deserve, and in return you get what feels more like a book than a magazine—a publication filled with evergreen stories and photos you can enjoy for years to come, from the best adventure writers and photographers in the world. It looks fantastic on your coffee table, and you get a book whose readers tell us, unsolicited, that it’s the best outdoor publication they’ve ever seen. You get a journal whose readers love it so much, 90 percent of them renew.

Our introductory package is our most popular—it includes a year’s subscription plus the current issue to read now. The shipping is free to U.S. addresses. We throw in AJ stickers. And if you don’t like the journal, cancel at any time for a refund of any unsent issues. Already subscribe? Stoke out a friend. Tell a friend.

AJ depends on readers like you. Please subscribe.


Steve Casimiro

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Unsolicited Reader Comments

“What don’t I like??? Seriously, the layout, the articles and pictures are amazing. I love the feel and the looks of the print. I wish there was more than 4 issues a year, but that also helps keeping the quality.”

“AJ journal is one of the only sources of well written, outdoor-focused storytelling. I love mix of historical items and modern adventuring in many different realms. I also love the fact the magazine is not inundated with advertising and forceful of certain brands and positive reviews due to sponsoring.”

“AJ is the epitome of what an outdoor magazine should be. A mix of realistic adventuring, stories from people from all forms of outdoor sports, honest reviews, and great photography.”

“I love everything about the print magazine. Great writing, photography, and art. I love the timeless subject matter. I like that there are no gear reviews, or destinations lists. I like the stories on artists. I like the limited ad space and the aesthetically pleasing ads.”

“I love the quality of the physical product. A lot of magazines feel wasteful. After you read them, you recycle them or throw them away. With AJ, they are something to keep on the coffee table and then on the bookshelf – to be shared with family and friends and referenced later. I like the content and the quality of writing – even if it is something that I am not really interested in – I end up enjoying the articles.”

You need something to read? We have something to read!

Adventure Journal’s print stories are only available in print. They are deeper, longer, and more nuanced than what you find online. Find out why 99% of subscribers renew every single year.

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