Finally, we have a battle over public lands that doesn’t feel quite so fraught with apocalyptic undertones. Or overtones, for that matter. Saguaro National Park and Joshua Tree National Park have been waging a good old fashioned Intagram walk off over who has the best sunsets.

It started on May 5, when Saguaro posted the photo above, saying “Ummm, what?! Did you know @saguaronationalpark has the best sunsets in the world? AND, the saguaro, which is an incredible cactus, can live up to 150-200 years old!! 🌵🌵 (LN, 📸: @discoverychannel ) #nojoke #seriouslythough #whyhaventyouvisited #datlandscapetho #saguaronationalpark

Joshua Tree was having none of it and threw some shade back, commenting, “Best sunsets in the world?” Lol suuuuure 😏”



Saguaro responded, “We are a little biased but still true. Wanna have a sun-set off?”

JT: “A SUNSET OFF? YOU’RE ON,” they replied.

And so, the pinks and the purples and the oranges and the deep reds and burnt umbers have been flying across the internet, polychrome salvos in a battle no one loses and everyone wins. #parksunsetwars is trending.


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