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First, holy smokes. Anders Eimhjellen Blom was ripping the snot out of this trail, but definitely on the edge of control, when he took an unplanned exit stage left in what is an absolutely gnarly crash. The incident was captured by his buddy, Mads André Haugen, who was having a fairly common stoke attack all the way up to and including the aftermath of Blom’s digger.

Second, after Haugen posted the clip to Instagram, the internet immediately attacked him for being blasé or uncomprehending of Blom’s situation. Dunno about that—we’ve heard plenty of laughter from friends at our own crashes, and usually the assumption is that you’re okay until it looks like you aren’t and then things get serious. To our eye, that seems to be what’s going on here, when Haugen starts saying, “Oh, my” over and over. What do you guys think?

Whichever, Haugen took the response seriously and responded on IG:

There has been alot of reactions and questions on the clip i posted of @blombastic falling down the cliff. Something i fully understand and thats why i decided to post this clip. Here you get to see a bit more of the situation and how it went down. The first thing we did was calling a ambulance and made sure he was breathing. We were able to keep calm and not panic. Looking back at it i realize we would not have been ready if the consequences was bigger. This aint a joke, this is a real sport with real consequences and I recommend everyone who rides to take a safety course and prepare for situations like these! Things get real serious real fast!! Allot of people ask how i am able to just laugh it. In my opinion thats my only option. If i would let these things get to me i would not be able to do the things i do and people need to understand this is just not a thing we do, this is who we are. I choose to embrace moments like these, i choose learn from them and use them as constant reminder on how lucky we are to be healthy and living the happy lifes we do.

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