There’s rare, there’s astronomically rare, and there’s infinitessimely rare. Dylan McWilliams’ animal attack history is out there in the infinitesimal zone.

Earlier this month, he was attacked by a shark while bodyboarding in Kauai (odds of that happening: one in 11.5 million). A 6-8 foot tiger shark, most likely. He was bitten while a couple dozen yards from shore, and was able to make it to the sand to receive medical attention. McWilliams survived with minor injuries.

As rare as shark attacks are, that’s not even the strangest animal attack he’s experienced in recent years.


Last year McWilliams, was camping in Colorado when he awoke to a bear biting his head (odds: one in 2.1 million). He was able to fight the bear off by going for its eyes. After escaping, McWilliams received nine staples in his head to close the wound.

Three years ago he was nabbed by a rattler while hiking in Moab, Utah (odds: one in 37,500). Luckily, the snake didn’t pass along much venom, sickening McWilliams for only a couple days. Little did he know it was just a small taste of what was to come for him, in the animal-on-human violence world.

National Geographic estimated the chances of one person suffering attacks from a bear, a rattlesnake, and a shark all in one lifetime at a shocking 893.35 quadrillion to one.

McWilliams, an extremely lucky, or unlucky man, depending on your point of view, doesn’t really seem all that fazed by this latest attack.

“I’m just mad that I can’t get back in the water for a couple days,” he told CBS News.

Maybe he should just sit out of the natural world for a little while.

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