You might think your favorite little media elves from AJ have been out slaying the pow, berming the loam, and just generally shredding the gnar, and while that wouldn’t be false, we’ve also been busy making the spring issue of Adventure Journal. I just walked in from the press check, making sure the color was reproducing as expected, and the book looks absolutely gorgeous.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen Adventure Journal, you should. We think it’s something special—not just the the beautiful production values (heavy, uncoated paper stock) or the reader-friendly ad-edit ratio (just 15 pages of ads in a 132-page book), but also, the stories and photos, which are the heart and soul of the publication. Our goal is to share with you the people, places, events, accomplishments, and other things that matter to the outdoor adventure community. We aren’t trying to sell you on anything or tell you that you’re doing something wrong and only we have the answers. We’re just exploring what it means to live with adventure in your life, and we think and hope you’ll find a lot of common ground.

This issue features:

• A deep dive into the question of whether bikes should be allowed in wilderness.

• A highly personal essay on an Alaskan kayak expedition by David Roberts, dean of American climbing literature

• A look at the impact of a perfect artificial wave on the sport of surfing, with a hard look at the question of why we surf anyway

• The economics of vanlife

• Brendan Leonard on in the world anyone would want to run 100 miles

• Photos by Chris Burkard, Nick LaVecchia, Forest Woodward, Joey Schusler, Steve Fassbinder, and more.



How do I get the spring issue?

The best way by far is to subscribe, but you need to do that now.

Why subscribe? Because it’s the best deal. You save over 40% on the single copy price. The only discount we ever offer is to subscribers: You pay just $15 an issue and we cover shipping.

Why now? Because we only do one mail drop to subscribers. The printer prints them, then processes subscriber labels, and delivers to the Postal Service. Just once.


A Note for Existing Subscribers

Hey, guys! Thanks for being such a loyal, supportive crew. Two things:

• If your address has changed, now’s the time to update it. Send us the new info through our contact page.

• We expect copies to start landing in U.S. mailboxes in about two weeks. There’s another couple days of printing, then binding and trimming, then processing of labels and packaging. And then the US Postal Service takes over and we know how that can go.


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