Jayson and I were in a coffee shop in Denver in October 2016 talking about the idea of running a 100-mile race, and I said if we did it, I was going to make a film about it—but more about his life and philosophy, which is basically: persevere.

I’ve known him since we met working at an Applebee’s restaurant in 2000, when we were both 21. I’ve always wanted to tell his story, as sort of an elaborate thank-you card for 18 years of encouraging me, telling me to fake it until I made it, and generally talking shit and never letting me off the hook.

I thought making the film would be a little easier than it turned out to be, or at least easier than training for and attempting the race—but when you’re trying to tell the personal story of one of your closest friends, you really don’t want to screw it up. I personally shot about 30 hours of footage, interviewing Jayson in my kitchen, traveling to Iowa to interview and hang out with his mom, and running behind him with an iPhone 7 on a gimbal as we spent six months training for the Run Rabbit Run 100 in September 2017. I really hope this is the most chafing I’ll ever have to endure for a film project.


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