When you think of the archetypal Dynafit skier, what comes to mind is a sinewy, leathery, sunburnt, feather light uphill speed demon who plucks bristles from the head of their toothbrush to cut down on total pack weight. When you think of Dynafit equipment, the typical mental image is bomber but sparse, lightweight gear that is primarily focused on the uphill. Think again.

The new Hoji Pro Tour boot is named after its chief R&D specialist, pro skier Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson, and is specifically designed for skiers like him. Hjorleifson is a big mountain backcountry freeskier. He skis hard, fast, and aggressively on enormous, technical terrain. Like many backcountry skiers, Hjorleifson’s primary focus is the downhill, skiing mouth-watering lines at light speed in snow up to his eyeballs. This boot is his brainchild.

Hjorleifson came to Dynafit with some specific ideas for the boot: a solid, slop-free connection between the cuff and the shell, a progressive and predictable flex pattern for downhill performance, unrestricted and friction-free ankle mobility for uphill performance, a fast, simple, single-motion transition from walk to ski mode and ski to walk mode, and minimal weight. According to Dynafit, Hjorleifson tested four different boot prototypes over the last four years, and all boxes were checked.


The Hoji Pro Tour boot, $800, expands on the downhill performance of the Vulcan and the Titan boot. Dynafit also expanded the uphill performance by giving the Hoji’s cuff the same range of motion as a flip-flop; that is to say, a lot of flippin’ movement. But the Hoji still hits those typical Dynafit characteristics. It tips the scales at a trim 1,450 grams (in a size 27). It is sleek and constructed of Grilamid thermoplastic. The customizable thermal insulted liner weighs as much as a handful of Kleenex, 280 grams. But the big news is (place drumroll here) it has a 115 flex and the cuff has 55 degrees of fore-aft motion.

Additionally, the boot’s integrated cable system opens and closes the entire boot, including the power-strap, with a single lever located on the back of the cuff. One flick locks the entire boot—the cuff, spoiler, shell, and power strap—into ski mode or unlocks it for uphill travel, essentially eliminating buckle and strap readjustments during transitions.

Dynafit is touting the Hoji Pro Tour as a game changer for the skier who tours in deep powder all day and skis aggressively on technical terrain. According to Dynafit, the Hoji is a backcountry boot that doesn’t compromise uphill performance for downhill. But more significant for hard charging backcountry skiers, it doesn’t compromise downhill performance either. A select run of the Hoji Pro Tour boot will be available this month in retail stores.

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