You’re Going to Want to Work at Millican Bags

The short video is a love letter to UK brand’s backyard.

I dunno, maybe it’s all this warm weather, or maybe it’s a lifelong fascination with emotional landscapes, or maybe it’s the lovely cinematography, but this “The Place We Call Home” branding exercise from the folks at Millican bags has me longing for some time in the lush, green Lake District of England, and not a wee bit jealous of Millican’s office view. It also makes me think more brands should show us where they live and what they love about the place. Might make for some interesting workspace trading. Millican, you guys want to swap, settle into the AJ offices, post up at the beach, and work on your surfing, and we’ll come over there?


Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.
  • Drew

    I loved it all, except for a few second from 2:11 on. Something about the shoes seems out of place from everything else in the video. I finished the video a couple times thinking about the shoes and white they were as opposed to these emotional land-traversing bags.

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