Lapland, a province in northern Sweden, is home to rivers that support massive Baltic salmon—and the salmon are coming back. Like in many wild-run salmon rivers in the U.S., Sweden’s population of native salmon plummeted in the 20th century, but through careful fisheries management, the salmon are returning. This is a very good thing.

Baltic salmon get big. Real big. And pursuing the fish through beautiful wild Scandinavian rivers looks like an absolute dream in this short film, “Laplanders.” The best part is a moment when local fisherman Calle Lundqvist hooks up with a fish and you can see in his wild eyes a look of excitement mixed with equal parts disbelief that basically sums up the entire attraction of fly fishing in the first place. Standing in a river, connecting with the natural world in about as visceral a way as possible. For the briefest moment holding a perfect fish then releasing it to do it all over again. Pure magic.