Whatcha Doing Next Summer? How About Working in Deschutes?
While the High Sierra is buttoning up for the winter, Deschutes National Forest in Oregon is ramping up for the summer 2018 busy season—it’s hiring dozens of temporary workers to fill positions like fire lookouts, visitor information assistants, and forestry technicians. So what if that means sitting on a ridge, answering the same questions over and over again, and cutting weeds—you’re in the woods! Deadline is November 20, so chop chop. Apply here. List of jobs here.

Don’t Want a New Road Through the Arctic? Tell the Feds Now
In the fall issue of Adventure Journal Quarterly, we reported on the radically invasive proposal to build a road across the tundra of Gates of the Arctic National Preserve. The so-called Ambler Road would bring industry into a place where there are no roads or industry, devastate local subsistence villages, create a 220-mile scar across the Arctic, and benefit few beyond the owners of a mine. To learn more, you can pick up AJ 06 here and to make your voice heard you can comment on the proposed road here.

Rush on Lifetime National Park Passes Pretty Much Breaks Park Service
In a typical year, about 33,000 people order the National Park Service lifetime pass online, but when NPS announced it was jacking the price from $10 to $80 on August 28, all hell broke loose: In 2017, almost a million people over age 62 ordered their lifetime passes, two-thirds of them in August alone. The Park Service was woefully unprepared for the rush, and it says it won’t be able to send out all the passes until Christmas.


Bigfoot Conference Has Everything Bigfoot Except Bigfoot
Smack in the middle of Six Rivers National Forest is the little town of Willow Creek, California, the Bigfoot capital of the world, where you just missed the annual conference of believers and maybe-believers, who this time gathered on the 50th anniversary of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film—you know the one—later revealed (surprise) to be a hoax. “It’s still the best piece of evidence they have all these years later that Bigfoot exists,” says David William says, who documented the conference, “which is crazy, because technology has evolved so much. I’m like, ‘Why don’t you guys just put 100 GoPros in the forest and you’ll find it?’ But they claim Bigfoot can sense that kind of stuff and won’t go around cameras.”

After Public Outcry, Pay Phone Is Reinstalled
You read that right. Not only do pay phones still exist, massive objection by Washingtonians spurred Frontier Communications to put the pay phone back at the Forest Service Verlot Public Service Center near Big Four Ice Caves. The reason? Cell service sucks there, and it’s a solid 30-minute drive to get a signal if something goes wrong. And things do go wrong: In 2015, two people were killed and four injured when some of the ice collapsed.

Aspen Wants to Expand by 160 Acres
It’s been a long time since Colorado’s gold-standard resort grew, and the company wants to change that with 100 acres of glades and 60 acres of cut trails pushed into the area known as Pandora’s. The land is a patchwork of public and private holdings, and the company recently submitted an update to its master plan to the Forest Service. It envisions 1,250 vertical of intermediate and expert terrain service by a four- to eight-minute chair, though there are lots of hoops still to jump through, including the town council’s.


Major Yosemite Pass Closed
Just as the sparrows come to Capistrano, so too does the snow to Tioga Pass, the eastern gateway to Yosemite, and the California DOT has just shut down the access via SR 120. That means if you want to get up to Tuolumne or Tioga Pass Resort, you take the long way round…or hoof it up on foot.

Photo by Rhiannon Boyle

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