Tom Wallisch Skis Through a Daydream In Tribute to JP Auclair

Tom Wallisch’s latest takes home top award at Banff Mountain Film Festival

Sherpas Cinemas’ new short film Imagination, which just took home top honors in Banff Film Festival’s snow sports category, makes daydreams reality. In a mind-bending few minutes, Tom Wallisch jibs his way through front yards, over snow-covered roofs and cars, and down the hilly streets of Nelson, British Columbia.

The film is a direct nod to the tradition of improbable urban edits started by the late JP Auclair in Sherpas Cinemas’ All.I.Can. Auclair, who passed away at 37 in an avalanche, was a beloved professional skier who pioneered freestyle skiing and modern ski design, and spearheaded community engagement and activism within the outdoor community. He and Wallisch collaborated on a similar urban edit in 2013 with Sherpas, a year before his death.

In Imagination, Wallisch skis the same streets Auclair did in his original Sherpas segment. In one shot, Auclair skis past a wall adorned with a brightly colored, larger-than life bird. In Wallisch’s version, he turns the artwork—which now, fittingly, features a full flock of multicolored birds—into a wallride.

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