Phallus-Shaped Sculpture Becomes ‘Mountain Mascot’

Perhaps some things are better left a mystery.

Somebody will no doubt get upset by this, but…in Austria, a land famous for wieners, the biggest of them all has been, um, erected at the top of 6,200-foot Otscher Peak, part of the Ybbstal Range in the Eastern Alps.

Nobody knows who put the four-foot-ish wooden sculpture there. Nobody knows precisely why, either. Is a political statement? Commentary on the, um, rise of nationalism around the world? It’s a mystery best left unsolved, probably. Though it’s safe to say that whoever lugged it up there all the way must have set the thing down to burst into laughter hundreds of times. Bless their heart.

Austrians are so enamored with the scultpture, a quirky song devoted to the man-shaped private part has gone viral around the country (“High above on top the Oetscher, where the penis stands and the self-confidence of every man is fading away…” is the opening line).

A local hiker, Marika Roth, was one of the first people to stumble across the immense phallus, and she devoted space to it on her mountain and hiking Facebook page, calling it the “Mascot of the Mountain.”

While there are far, far more impressive visuals worth immediately trekking to the Austrian Alps to see, if this huge wooden phallus is what triggers your mood, act fast. Local mountaineers expect the next significant storm to topple the impressive member, which when you think of it, means somebody may actually witness this thing tumbling head over base into the valley below, truly a sight to behold.

Photos from Facebook

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