Don’t Mistake the Urgent for the Important

Alastair Humphreys bugs out to a Scottish bothy after one too many distractions.

Our writer and friend Robert Macfarlane referred to our other friend and writer Alastair Humprheys as “the amazing ball of adventure-energy that is Al Humphreys.” Indeed. But Mr. Humphreys is not a perpetual-motion machine. Like all of us, he sometimes suffers from the digital hangover and the perma-connected blues, and when that happens he bails to the Scottish mountain huts knowns as bothies. As boltholes, there are few things better.


Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.
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  • Christina

    I was wondering if has done this in winter or is it too cold. I am from Michigan and we don’t have these types of homes. We have log homes but I doubt they hold heat the same way. It also looks fairly sparse when it comes to wood. How would you heat it? I know it sounds silly but it seems like a interesting adventure to put on my bucket list.

    • David

      There’s generally not much wood, so you have to carry in coal. Stone bothies generally never really warm up though, so a down jacket and a few layers are almost always necessary in the winter. If the bothy is close to the coast then there might be some driftwood around, such as on Skye and Rum. Bothying is a great way to spend a few days — this video made me really miss it.

  • X

    Hi, it’s not a Scottish bothy, it’s Wharnscale Head near the summit of Haystacks in the Lake District.

  • Gary Giles

    Nice 🙂

  • John Davies

    … or he could just turn his phone off, unplug the internet and do it at home. Then he could really enjoy the days in the hills without a laptop.

  • Matt T

    Was going to also point out that it’s not Scotland, but the Lake District in England…

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