In this season of Olympic discontent (see: doping, Russian, et. al.), Burton has turned to a more idealistic era for inspiration for the U.S. Snowboard Team uniforms: The golden age of NASA.

“This is the fourth Olympic uniform that Burton and myself have had the distinct pleasure of working on,” says Greg Dacyshyn, head designer of Burton’s Olympic uniform program. “Like the previous three which had a retro inspired influence, the 2018 theme is also a heavy nod to Americana, because its main influence is the iconic suits of the United States’ leading space exploration program. I have always loved the astronauts’ suits, because not only do they have such a cool and amazing aesthetic, they also were designed to function under the most extreme conditions, so this gave us an incredible platform to push the innovation and technology of the garments as well. My hope is that these pieces help the athletes go where no rider has gone before.”

The clothes are made with down and wool and Dyneema, not to mention an “iridescent silver fabric coated in very fine, real aluminum…The end result is a super technical, lightweight and waterproof fabric that reflects and deflects light as well as sound.”


Reflects and deflects light as well as sound? Most things do, but hey, it sounds great. And any edge in a global competition counts—the unis even have phrases written in Korean in the lining, like “wish me luck” and “do you speak English?”

Most important, though…they look like you’re going for a spacewalk and on the best days that’s just what riding feels like.

Men’s Insulator Jacket


Unisex One-Piece

Women’s Comp Jacket

Men’s Tech Tee.

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