Cabin-Time, a roving sort of artist in residency program that plops participants down in a different wilderness area for each iteration, recently completed a program near Lone Pine, in Inyo County, California, in the shadow of Mt. Whitney. For a week this past April, a group including photographers, painters, crafters, sculptors, and chefs camped and hiked and, well, made art, all inspired by the wildness around them. This video gives an inside look at the process. Cabin-Time usually runs two of these retreats each year, and they accept applications from artists of every medium and from all over the country. The first few programs were in Michigan and Minnesota, but they’ve expanded to the West recently, too.

This slick little video full of charming moments of artists at work. My favorite bits are probably the fly fisherman from Atlanta at the beginning tying his own “hip hop” flies, and the woman trying to make casts of cow patties. There are a few moments that may get a little artsy for some, but all the same, this is a fun look into an interesting arts program.

If you want to hitch your wagon to this creative train, is where you go.


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