This week, it snowed for the first time since last winter in the small Colorado town I call home. First, frozen rain came down for the better part of a full day. The icy gobs pinged my metal roof with a chilly serenade. The morning that followed began with the same frozen crooning and then things became calm and silent. It began snowing. Even the small, mildly pathetic flakes that fell first made me peer out the window like a child. When the quarter-sized flecks fell I ran outside to be among the snow. I lifted my mustached, grizzled face to the sky, closed my eyes, and let the snow hit me. Then I tried to eat it.

It’s in the 60s today. There’s snow in the alpine above town but there’s nothing left on Main Street. We have a bit of time before the slopes are ready for slooshing. There’s still ample fall activities to be had. Mountain biking through the golden aspens, red dirt trail runs through sage fields, hikes to this or that, apple cider what have you, pumpkin spice Ugg boots, football games, yaddah yaddah yaddah. This week’s snowfall has me jonesing. I am ready to ski. Here’s how I am dealing.

Pass the vibe, talk to your buds about how amped you are? Sure. But actually purchasing a ski pass makes one feel like it’s time to dust off the sticks, tune ‘em up, and get the thighs ready for some hiking and turning. I just bought my Aspen season pass and it has made me feel a lot better. The price tag, not so much, but the epic days of slashes and face shots in Highlands Bowl that are soon to come are worth the coin. Not sure what pass suits your needs? We’ve got you covered.


Believe it or not, people are actually skiing right now. Core shots, shark fins, scree fields, frozen boulders, and other hazards be damned. You just can’t keep a good ski bum down. Jesse J. Hoffman and crew skied outside of Aspen this week. Eddie Parks and his bud skied the Continental Divide with smiles large enough to fit a dinner plate in. Andrew Benaquista got legitimate face shots in the Rockies. And the same is true for the Pow Hoar himself.

If you don’t know Finnish ski crew Real Skifi you are missing out. The crew is known for insane ski edits featuring off-the-wall, out-of-the-box ski acrobatics of complete lunacy, like their short edit from this past summer that featured a 50-50 on a kayak…without any snow.

I’d argue that the Fins were inspired by what Line’s Traveling Circus has been doing for a decade.

Do yourself a favor and dig a deep YouTube hole with both of these crews. I dare ya not to smile and laugh.

Caroline Gleich’s new film about skiing 90 of the most puckering lines in the Wasatch Mountains while dealing with harassment is awesome and you need to watch it right now. Oh, you already saw it? A second or third or fourth viewing is well worth it. Thanks, Caroline. You totally rock.

The crew from ON3P skis released their first-ever short film this fall. There are some pretty bro-y sections but the skiing is pretty damn incredible. I don’t ski urban but I sure as hell will watch these thunder cats throw themselves around in the streets. Plus, the backcountry trickery is outstanding.


DPS skis recently published the first episode of their fourth season of The Shadow Campaign. It will make your mouth water…and possibly your eyes as well. There’s just so mush powder, so much unbelievable powder.


It’s movie season, friends. There might not be anything in this world better suited to get a skier amped for ski season than a theater packed to the gills with over-served, unkempt, reckless, frothing-at-the-mouth ski bums. The buzzing energy, the whoops and hollers, the schwag giveaways, the young bucks mixin with the silver backs, and we can’t forget about our favorite ski stars shredding the gnarliest of gnar on the big screen. Get yourself to a ski flick showing or premiere in a ski town near you as soon as humanly possible. Warren Miller Entertainment’s 68th film, Line of Descent, will be touring soon. Level1’s new flick Habit has already started screening. So has TGR’s Rogue Elements. And so has MSP’s Drop Everything.

Can ya feel it?! Ooohh, it’s almost here, my fellow ski bums, it’s almost here.

Photo by Lucas Moore

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