Watch: Here’s How Truly Sharp Capitol Peak’s Knife Edge Is

It’s been a deadly summer on this Colorado 14er, and this tiptoe scramble is one reason why.

Last week, we reported that five climbers have died in six weeks on Colorado’s Capitol Peak, a famous 14er near Aspen. The most exposed part of the climb, the Knife Edge ridge, is pucker-worthy. What’s it really like moving along that ridge? Check out this POV video and see for yourself. (Note that the video is shot with a fish-eye lens, which slightly distorts images.)


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  • Ashley

    Most of the deaths on Capitol occur because people go off route. The knife ridge requires care and concentration but is the safest way up and down Capitol. It is also the only class 4 route, every other route requires the use of a rope.

  • David Schmid

    The knife edge is not why people die. Taking shortcuts, being unprepared, not listening to fellow hikers, underestimating personal skills or the challenges of the mountain are some of the factors that lead to critical incidents on this and many mountains.

  • Joe S

    Lame video and a lame climber. The Knife’s Edge is probably one of the easier parts of the mountain and the most stable. Stay away if exposure scares you.

  • Bill M

    Just be realistic of your ability. You are not a wimp if you rope on something you are uncomfortable with no matter the class. What might be no big deal at the beginning of the day can change in a hurry if you are tired and dehydrated. Throw in some crappy weather and there you go! Worked mountain rescue for years and saw just too many people read a guidebook and think it was “no big deal”.

    • jim

      well said! double that for winter hiking/climbing

  • Pat

    I feel like you can’t have a title with the word “truly” in it if the footage you are using is distorted by a fish-eye lens.

  • Brooke

    The knife edge is very exposed, but it’s the most stable and safe part of the whole route. People have accidents because they go off-route or try to navigate through unstable rock.

    This is a cool view of this section though! Just a slightly misleading, yet catchy, dek.

  • mick

    good effort

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