Is This The Coolest Pop-up Store Ever?

So, this happened. Eldorado Canyon’s Bastille Wall turned into a climber’s convenient store.

This is either a case of Boulder, Colorado, being Boulder, Colorado, or it’s a unique promotional stunt…or maybe both. On the corner of climbing routes Gnar and Send It, a company called 37.5, which produces the temperature controlling fabrics found in Adidas, Rab, and Point6, opened a two day pop-up store in Eldorado Canyon. Not impressed? Well, the store, nicknamed Cliffside, was built on a Black Diamond portaledge. Still not impressed? Cliffside hung on the Bastille Wall 300 feet off the ground. Really, you’re still not impressed? The stunt raised $15,000 for the Access Fund, the American Alpine Club, and the Action Committee for Eldorado to replace aging anchors. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Dave Bywater, a 37.5 employee and avid climber, ran the shop and handed out free layers to customers, er, climbers feeling nippy weather. “The most important reason for this event for us was raising awareness for the Access Fund, the American Alpine Club, and the Action Committee for Eldorado,” says Bywater. “The Access Fund said it was one of the best membership drives they have ever had.”

After Cliffside was rigged by Josh Gross and other guides from the Colorado Mountain School, Bywater spent two days inside the shop. Having been a climbing ranger in the Tetons for over a decade, Bywater is no stranger to spending time hanging on rock walls. “I got used to spending most of my days outside climbing in beautiful places. But in the business world that doesn’t happen as much anymore,” explains Bywater. “Getting the chance to hang out with climbers, discussing a good cause, and having a good laugh in a beautiful place like Eldorado Canyon was a really fun couple days of work.”

As for whether or not Cliffside will show up at a wall near you, Bywater has a coy but promising response: “Never say never! It was a lot of fun and it achieved our objectives, so we’ll see.”

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  • Ory

    If commercialism in climbing hadn’t already reached an all time high in ads and marketing campaigns (the Julbo man comes to mind here) go ahead and add this one on. …I heard someone say “well it WAS a nice cliff in an aesthetic spot.” …not too impressed Paddy, but I guess I’m just conservative in my approach to going into the mountains.

  • RM2Ride

    That WAS Lynn Hill at 1:20, right?

  • Daniel

    Has happened on Matterhorn before to play a joke on Reinhold Messner:

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