The world’s longest pedestrian walking bridge has just opened to the public in the Swiss Alps, and man oh man, it’s a doozy. The two-foot wide Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, also known as the Europabrücke, spans more than 1,600 feet across the Grabengufer Valley and reaches heights of as many as 279 dizzying, vertigo-inducing feet above the forested ground below. While the Highline179 bridge in Austria is higher at 376 feet, it’s a few hundred feet shorter than this new Swiss marvel. Normally, simply walking across a bridge wouldn’t qualify as much of an adventure, but this jouncy bridge into the heavens surely counts.

The bridge is supported by more than eight tons of cables and some sort of engineering trick to keep it from precariously swinging. Even still, “people who have problems with a fear of heights, they have to close their eyes,” said a travel board spokesperson about the bridge.

A white-knuckled stroll across the Europabrücke rewards with jaw-dropping views of the Matterhorn, and cuts travel time across the picturesque valley below from three hours hiking along the ground, to a mere ten minute walk while suspended in the air. Of course, time spent to pause, catch your breath, and steel your nerves isn’t included.

Photo by Europaweg


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