Yeah, You Probably Need A Running Skirt

A skirt for the ladies that, well, don’t like skirts.

I’ve never been much of a skirt girl. It’s so darn hard to climb fences, ride bikes, sit cross-legged, do cartwheels, and generally move through the world freely with just air between your legs. I do love looking ladylike, but not at the expense of my dignity and/or mobility. So forgive me for overlooking the running skirt for my entire adult life. Though, after trying one for the first time, I’m not sure I deserve forgiveness. Because running skirts are totally awesome.

In my 12-ish years of running, I’ve never found a running short I like as much as leggings. Maybe it’s because I lack the proverbial thigh-gap, meaning shorts pretty much always ride up, chafe, and drive me a little crazy. I do love Spandex, but I’ve yet to find a pair of above-mid-thigh stretchy shorts that don’t bunch up in the first few minutes of a run. And even though I’m not what your grandma might call modest, there are definitely times when I want a little extra coverage. A running skirt might seem a little fussy, but it ended up being the opposite: it let me run without thinking twice about what I was wearing.

Salomon’s Agile Skort features super-lightweight Spandex shorts underneath a quick-drying nylon skirt, with a drawstring at the waist and an ample zippered pocket for keys and other little necessities. With a wide mid-rise waistband, the Agile Skort is completely at home underneath a backpack, fanny pack, or a hipbelt, and stays up without fuss throughout your longest runs. Little details like reflective branding on the front and back for safety during dawn and dusk runs and a slightly longer backside take the Agile Skort into best-ever territory.

The legs didn’t ride up, the skirt was breezy as can be, and even on long runs I didn’t chafe—or fidget with my clothing once. I’m sold.

I also ran in a pair of the Agile shorts, the skort’s more mainstream companion, curious to see how they stacked up. Made of the same fabric with the same low-profile waistband and little details, the shorts are refreshingly low-key. The fabric is soft and quiet (no swishing as you move), and the shorts—which come in a deep purple and black, as well as brighter colors—feel versatile and completely dialed. In fact, they’re the best running shorts I’ve ever owned. That said, they don’t even come close to the skort in fit, function, style, and comfort. In fact, it’s the only skirt I’ve found that can keep up with me.


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  • Perry

    What, no men’s running kilt? =/

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