I first met Loki the Wolfdog on the Oregon coast at Toyota’s Hotel Tacoma. Not surprising, he was uninterested in me, just another doting human being. He was preoccupied with being a super majestic beast, exploring the pristine woods and running on the beach, and sniffing most everything in sight with his best doggy friend, all the while having his picture taken. But once the beloved bowwow was a bit tuckered out, I was able to corner him for an interview—bacon may or may not have been used. Loki’s 1.5-million IG followers already know what I came to find. Ya just can’t get enough of this pooch.

How old are you? What breed are you and where do you live?
I’m 33-years-old currently. They say it’s a perfect number. It’s how old Jesus was when he died. So, I guess I’m living in my glory days. You might see me as four and half in human years, but it’s all in perspective. My momma was a full on Siberian husky and my daddio was three-fourths wolf and one-fourth malamute. They call me a low-content wolfdog. I live in Denver, but I’m barely there. The 4Runner kinda feels most like home lately.

When did you get your human? What’s that relationship like?
The stinky one? He picked me up during a blizzard when I was a pup. We spent the next day and a half driving 25mph to Colorado through the snow. We ended up spending the night in a Motel 6. I whimpered the whole night because I missed my mom, but I never even think of her anymore…until you brought this up, so thanks. My human and I have a funny relationship. We can read each other’s minds. He has talked a lot about how he needs a lot of patience to raise me, but, in reality, it’s been the other way around.


What’s your earliest memory?
I remember this one time when I was in the womb with a bunch of my other siblings. We were talking about how hot it was in there and curious about what we’d be doing with our teeth and claws when we got out. Strange, truly.

How do you feel about being an Insta-famous dog model?
It’s whatever. I don’t like taking pictures with all the strangers who ask, but I guess it’s a good time to practice patience. We travel a lot now. Seeing new places is obviously super cool.

Does Instagram portray your real life?
Well, yes. Kind of, I guess. We’ve never posted a photo of me licking my wee-wee which is part of real life, so there’s that. And we spend a lot of time on the computer while I dictate emails to my stinky human. He really does not know what to say most of the time.

What are your thoughts on social media?
It’s weird. But I’m thankful for the incredible opportunities it gives us. However, nothing stimulates my, “what will I look like” gland more than being viewed by 1.5 million people everyday. It’s an incredible tool to waste my time, compare myself to others, and amplify my pride, insecurity, and vanity. But in those moments, we have the opportunity to be self aware, reflect, develop thick skin, and get our priorities straight in regards to whose opinions we really care about, and what’s really important in life. Overall, it’s been a sweet little learning experience.

Is it hard typing captions for your posts without any thumbs?
You actually think I’m typing? Are you five years old? I’m clearly dictating these words to my stinky human. He’s the only one that hears me talk. Dude, read a book.

Who is you fav photographer?
Hmmpf. Definitely not my stinky human. He’s horrible. My favorite is probably Jay Alvarrez. He’s the best.

Describe a typical shoot.
Mmmmm, I stand around or lay or sit or walk or run. Then people take photos of me. They make all kinds of weird noises and use hand gestures to get my attention. Ha! It never works. Sometimes they put me in hammocks. I hate when they pick me up, but I’m so lazy. Obviously hammocks are my jam once I’m in there.

What are your goals? And what’s next?
Hmmm, I would like to catch a bunny this week. I also want to get a skunk to like me someday. Yup, that’s my list of goals and five year plan.

Any advice for other dogs aspiring to follow in your paw prints?
Don’t. I’m the worst and definitely not worth following. People call me a good boy. I’m not. I’m so bad. Now, if you’ll please excuse me. I have plans to eat something I’m not supposed to.

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