Fredrik Schenholm began working at his father’s one-hour photo shop in Gothenberg, Sweden, when he was a teenager. However, he was was totally uninterested in photography at the time. “I mostly just wanted some beer money,” he remembers. But then his father bought him a camera when he was 16 and he’s been obsessed with the art ever since.

For Schenholm, the only way he truly sees the world is through his lens. “Photography is a part of me,” he describes. “I do not enjoy the outdoors and adventures to their fullest without my camera. Adventure photography is about so many factors that I can’t control. To be out there, put into a situation where everything is looking so good without a camera would be a nightmare.”

Schenholm’s life is about composing and capturing, traveling to distant places and adventuring near his home in Sweden, all with his camera. “Photography has taken me to many places and given me a lot. I am so passionate about outdoor sports, and the colors and phenomenon of nature. There’s no more perfect combo in my life,” says Schenholm.


Fredrik Schenholm is one of those remarkable and inspiring people who stumbled upon a passion, found an extreme talent, and transformed it into a career. His captures show the magnitude of small moments. And he somehow makes impossible images possible. Not too shabby for a guy just looking for a little beer money.

Location: Nallo, Sweden
Skiers: Tomas Bergemalm, Per Jonsson, Daniel Furberg
Story: This is the Nallo area, one of the wildest places in the northern Swedish mountain range. We ski tour all alone here in early March. The only access is a closed road 50km away. But by mid March, the heli season starts and there is no point to do base camp ski touring any more.


Location: Senja, Norway
Skiers: Johan Engebratt
Story: The island of Senja is located on the far northern tip of the Norwegian west coast. A few years ago I searched for an unknown place for ski touring and stumbled on this island. And it was sure unknown. I spent a month on the island and only met five other skiers. It is truly impossible to cross other ski tracks. This was shot on the mountain of Keipen and Johan Engebratt is heading down the steep southwest face while the sun is about to set.


Location: Alta, Norway
Skiers: Anders Wingqvist
Story: Northern light skiing is an amazing thing. At times, the green light is so strong that it is possible to ski without headlamps. We spent all day and afternoon on the mountain and stayed on the summit of Vassnestind until the sun set and the green light started to appear in the sky. We were almost as far north as you can travel in Scandinavia, and we were the only skiers in the area. After enjoying the views from the summit, we skied down under the magic green sky. It is a little bit tricky to shoot northern light skiing. The camera needs to be placed on a tripod. This could have been a flawless image if it wasn’t for the flash. As Anders did his turn, I fired the flash. He got blinded and skied into the tripod. That is way the background has a bit of motion blur.


Location: Kamchatka, Russia
Skiers: Oscar Hübinette
Story: I tried to capture the combination of skiing and volcanic eruption for nearly five years and finally I got it in Kamchatka, Russia. I was obsessed with the concept. It was all I could think about. Research and planning was an enormous undertaking. But I always knew that it would happen. I could just feel it. And when we got it, it was an amazing feeling after years of failures…but still lots of good adventures.


Location: Geirangerfjord, Norway
Paddlers: Jesper Appelqvit, Karin Appelqvist, Linn Schenholm
Story: This area was voted the most scenic area in the world by many travel magazines and companies. And my friends and I agree. This is the famous Geirangerfjord with crystal blue water, steeps rock walls, and waterfalls. It’s a great place to feel really, really small.


Location: Lofoten, Norway
Skiers: Oscar Hübinette
Story: Lofoten Island is located in the north of Norway. It’s famous for fjord and ocean views, but I wanted to capture it in a different way. Here, we are skiing down from the summit of Blåtind, just above the city of Svolvaer. So I skipped the classic view of the fjord and ocean, and made a city-like shot of the skiing in Lofotens.


Location: Lysefjorden, Norway
Athlete: Christian Schou
Story: It took Christian and me over a day to set up this high line 1,000 meters above Lysefjorden in Norway. And it took Christian a few tries to complete the 12 meter walk. I shot this back in the day and it ended up in the Guinness Book of World Records. I sent this image to an American climbing magazine and they liked the image, I thought. The photo editor asked me, “Did he use a leash?” I answered, “Yes.” I didn’t hear from him again.


Location: Romsdalshorn, Norway
Climber: Tormod Granheim
Story: This is a classic mountain climb on the other side of the valley from the famous Troll Wall. As Tormod and I abseiled down from the summit of Romsdalstind, the sun was about to set in the horizon. Suddenly Tormod was perfectly placed with the red cloud behind him. I snapped this shot. A few seconds later the red colors were gone and the sun was under the horizon. A lot of times it is just about being at the right location at the right time.

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