What if Fluffy found herself in South Africa on a game reserve? What if instead of becoming brunch she tapped into her primordial instincts and went native?

That’s the premise behind George Logan‘s Big Cat, Little Cat series, which I found to be particularly charming. When I first came upon these photos, the captions said that Logan created these shots—with Photoshop, of course—as a personal project. It turns out, they’re part of a campaign for UK cat food. Well. That took a bit of the sheen off them but still. Adorbs.

Logan says:


The Big Cat, Little Cat series highlights parallels in the behavioural traits of domestic and wild cats, underpinning their shared instincts through a series of visually arresting images that juxtapose the wild and the tame.

The wild animals were photographed in Shamwari, South Africa with the help and support of the Born Free Foundation.

This not the only series that Logan used African wildlife and photocomposition to turn the world slightly askew. As he describes it,

The “Translocation” project arose from a tendency I had as a child to tell tall tales to classmates at school in Scotland. I changed schools constantly and, in an effort to make myself more interesting, I’d claim that I had been born and raised on an African farm surrounded by all sorts of exotic wildlife. Of course, this wasn’t the case at all and I had simply moved there from a nearby town. It did however have me imagining how these creatures would appear in the rural Scottish landscapes that I was familiar with.

This project has allowed me to indulge those early fantasies. I try to keep the storytelling aspect to a minimum because I want the viewer to interpret the images however they may see them…though I do try to incorporate a degree of humor and warmth. I also try to emphasize and interpret the visual and behavioral traits of the animals as I see them.

See more of George Logan’s work at georgelogan.london.

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