Be Moved Once Again by Yosemite in this Powerful Film

John Muir and Yosemite are a match that still inspire in “The Last Oasis”

Yosemite is the rare bit of natural beauty that shines through even the most dreadful blot of overcrowding. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been there, or how long the line of cars is that snakes into the valley ahead of mine, that first glimpse of the soaring granite walls and the plunging waterfalls still stirs the soul. This video, directed by Michael Coleman, manages to evoke that same skin-tingling sensation when I first saw Yosemite. It helps that the stunning footage is overlaid with a haunting narrative from some of John Muir’s most powerful words about the mystery and power of not only Yosemite, but natural beauty wherever it’s found. It’s the sort of video that will have you quietly shutting down your browser window and finding an excuse to, if not head for the nearest mountain range, to at the very least, spend the rest of the day having some kind of connection with the natural world. And to dip into one of Muir’s books.

And heck, this weekend is a great one to do both. April 21st is Muir’s birthday, and the whole weekend is a freebie at every National Park in the country in honor of National Parks Week. Maybe head for that national park near you that you’ve never found the time to visit. Or rub shoulders with the crowd in Yosemite.

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  • Mo

    I’d give anything to live closer to nature! Alas, I am stuck in a big city and don’t even drive. I have no money to travel. I do what I can, going to parks and by the lake front. But it’s not enough. I’ve never seen a mountain, never been camping, have seen glimpses of the ocean only twice in my life, and for a few moments only. Not even enough time to have memories.

    How I wish I could get out of here and see some of these beauties before my life comes to an end.

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