I have written before about how to get your truck camping setup nice and dialed, which, for me, always involved sleeping on a memory foam mattress topper, swaddled in thick blankets from my linen closet.

But oh how things have changed.

I’ve found two of the coolest upgrades for your truck camping needs. Car camping too for that matter. The Klymit Insulated Double V sleeping pad ($160), and the Rumpl Two-person Down Puffy Blanket ($299). These should probably be thought of as borderline luxury camping items because they ain’t cheap, but they make up a great one-two punch for ultra-comfortable sleeping, for the single camper or for a couple.


Unlike heavy foam mattress toppers and cotton blankets which are unwieldy, difficult to store, and which will absorb any water leaking into your camper shell or tent like a sponge, the Klymit pad and the Rumpl blanket compress down into lightweight, tiny packages, making using them about a zillion times easier.

The Klymit pad is basically a double-wide version of their single-person Insulated V pads (which I use when backpacking), measuring 47″ wide by 74″ long and 3″ thick. It’s meant for two sleepers, and Klymit claims that the shape of the pad’s baffles will isolate your movements so as not to disturb your partner, but that hasn’t really been my experience, with movement translated from one person to the next pretty easily. But it doesn’t matter, the pad is comfortable for two, even for my wife and I—we’re both well over six feet tall. It’s even more luxurious for solo sleepers, giving you basically the same amount of padded real estate to sleep on as a double-sized mattress.

It’s a true four-season sleeping pad, with an R-value rating (this measures how well a material resists heat flow) of 4.4—plenty warm for most. It inflates with an ingenious trick: the stuff sack it comes in turns into a pump. A valve at the bottom of the sack plugs into the pad’s inflate valve, and rolling the bag closed traps air in the sack. Push down and hey, whaddya know, you’re pumping. About 13 pumps inflates my pad on most attempts. Deflating the bag is simply popping open another valve, then you roll it up and stuff it back in the sack. The whole thing weighs 52 ounces and when packed it’s about the size of a shoebox.

The Rumpl Two-person Down Puffy Blanket is pretty simple: a 600-fill down quilt big enough for two adults to use. It measures 88″ x 84″ and weighs 2.1 lbs. The down is stuffed into a 20D ripstop nylon shell treated with DWR. It looks pretty cool. It feels pretty fancy. It’s amazingly warm, especially with two people, in temps down to the low-40s. There’s really not a lot to evaluate here. It’s a down quilt. It kicks ass.

My favorite part about this setup is that it’s just so easy to stuff the pad and the blanket in their sacks and put ’em with the rest of the camping gear. Taking out a memory foam mattress, rolling it, storing it where it won’t get dirty, keeping it clean in the back of your rig—all of that is a pain. Same goes with cotton blankets. These two pieces of camping kit eliminate all those nagging chores. If you car camp, pitching a tent next to your ride, the Klymit pad will easily fill the floor of a two-person tent, which feels strange at first but that strangeness gives way to luxury pretty quick.

The system isn’t perfect: like I mentioned, this is an expensive way to comfort-ify your truck camping. And sure, an inflatable pad is not as comfortable as a foam mattress topper. But, that’s about it for potential negatives. You’re not even going to consider using either of these pieces for backpacking, but they’ll make your car camping setup infinitely easier.

Klymit Insulated Double V: $159.95 • BUY

Rumpl Two-person Down Puffy Blanket: $299 • BUY


You want glamping? The Therm-a-Rest Dreamtime Sleeping Pad has you covered. An inflatable mattress with a washable cover, you can lash two of these puppies together for camping date nights ($187).

For truly cold nights (R-value 6.4), the Exped Sim Comfort Duo 7.5 pad will keep you and a loved one (we’ll presume) cozy, warm, and comfortable, though the price is steeper than the Klymit, at $268.95.

If you basically want to bring your bed camping with you, the REI Kingdom Sleep System is a queen-sized air mattress with built-in top sheet and quilt. Brilliant. $239.

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