We outdoor folk dig simplicity and user-friendliness when it comes to camp essentials like our kitchen. In the back of most Subis and Tacomas all over mountain towns is a plastic bin with a few standard pieces of easy to use cook gear: a perc/French press/AeroPress for coffee, some old pots and pans, utensils, and undoubtedly a classic briefcase-style two-burner propane stove.

The traditional suitcase design, nearly synonymous with Coleman, has stayed virtually unchanged for decades. A lid and dual windscreens, two burners, and two heat control knobs that have two settings: off and rocket launcher. It’s not a knock, it’s a fact. I’ve never been able to get anything in between. There’s typically not much ability for simmer or slow cook.

Eureka!, the 100-plus year old camping gear supplier, teamed up with JetBoil to make a better stove. They created the Spire LX, and for a two-burner, it’s got some nifty features. JetBoil stoves are famous for their ability to boil water in mere moments. The Spire LX’s 10,000 BTU burners can blast a quick boil, but they also offer ultra-flame control. The precision comes from the simmer control valve. Each of the two control knobs rotate nearly a dozen times, meaning you have a myriad of heat options between not on and Texas in August. Another cool option is the JetLink accessory port, which allows you to create a mega-kitchen with the attachment of another Eureka stove or JetBoil Luna burner (see below). Additionally, the Spire LX has an ignition switch, but from camp stoves to backyard BBQs I have never had luck with those suckers. Have a lighter in your kit, always.

I have been using the Spire LX for months and it has honestly been a great upgrade to my camp kitchen and dirt bag lifestyle. It’s a about $100 more than your classic Coleman stove, but it really gives you the bang for your buck. Think of it like this. You’ve just finished your epically long day in the mountains. You return to your campsite exhausted and hungry. The granola, beef jerky, and gorp you crushed on the trail tasted great but that stuff can’t hold off the beast in your stomach from growling. You need dinner and you need it now. But you’re not going to boil some SpaghettiOs or flash fry a burger. You want a real meal, a hearty dinner you can take time preparing and enjoy outside. That’s when the Spire LX comes in handy. Because we all need a little simmer time outside now and again.

$120-150 • BUY

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