How to Turn Boring Campground Sandwiches Awesome

Pita bread is a common camp food, easy to fill with whatever ingredients you have on hand to make a simple lunch. Hummus, vegetables, pesto or peanut butter and jelly; it can all be stuffed into the pita to make a meal, and the bread is fairly lightweight making it easy to pack.

The only problem with pita bread is that it has a tendency to dry out quickly, and if you’re not good about using it up in the first couple days of a trip, you’re stuck with slightly stale sandwiches.


An excellent solution for those slightly stale pita breads is to grill them. A little olive oil turns the outside crispy, and with a little cheese that melts on the inside, you’ve got a sandwich that’s as well-suited for dinner as it is for lunch. Because let’s be honest: this is really just a glorified grilled cheese sandwich. And who ever turned down a grilled cheese sandwich?

I made these several times this summer on a bike tour – an invention of necessity as slightly stale pita bread didn’t sound so appetizing – and they have become a favorite ever since. The stuffing always changes depending what I have on hand, but a favorite combo is avocado, cheese and fresh basil. Classy campsite cooking at its best.

I’ve provided a few filling ideas below, which you can follow, or you can go crazy and come up with your own. You can stuff your pita breads full of whatever sandwich ingredients you like, throw them in a pot and fry them up. The result is warm, gooey and delicious. Just like a good grilled sandwich should be.


Grilled Pita Sandwiches
Pita bread

Sandwich filling of your choice


Olive oil

Filling Ideas
Avocado + fresh basil + pepper jack cheese

Sliced onion + jam + goat cheese

Sun-dried tomatoes + pesto + sharp cheddar


Fill your pita bread with your filling of choice. To ensure maximum gooiness of the cheese, make sure that there is a layer of cheese on the bottom and on the top of the other ingredients, that way the cheese is right next to the bread, and therefore closest to the pan when you fry it, which will help it melt better.

Pour olive oil into a frying pan or pot so that the bottom is lightly covered. Place the pita in the pan and grill on each side for a few minutes until golden brown.

Remove from the pan and let cool for a few minutes so you don’t burn your mouth on melted cheese, then enjoy!

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