It’s been a good summer for salmon in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, yes it has. And Otis has been getting his share. Maybe more.

See, Otis is no dummy. Also known as 480, he isn’t the most aggressive of the brown bears that patrol Brooks Falls, but he’s the craftiest. Instead of fighting for salmon with more dominant bears numbers 856 and 747, he hangs out in a quiet pool on the far side of the river—what the park calls Otis’s office.


“With patience and learned experience, Otis saves his energy by remaining in one place all day,” the park wrote on its Facebook page, “converting salmon into the maximum amount of lard around his belly. It’s earned him his second title for fattest bear, but also earned him a great chance at surviving the long, harsh winter ahead. Otis may not be the most dominant or lively bear around, but he is the fattest.




This is no easy feat. Otis faced stiff competition in the park’s annual fatbear single elimination tournament. In the end, though, well…look at him.

As the park wrote, “Cheers to you, Otis.”

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