Meet the Most Awesome Parents in the History of Parenting

The Yancey kids are growing up in a B.C. backcountry hut. Yes, it’s exactly as cool as you think it would be.

In 2005, Mark and Sarah Yancey made a leap and purchased the venerable Boulder Hut in British Columbia’s Purcell Mountains. “I came to the hut,” said Sarah, “I saw it, I loved it, I felt it was a good choice and I didn’t think through the steps in a methodical fashion. It only felt…right.”

The two met on the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol in 1997 and three years later moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, where Mark is a custom home builder. Eleven years ago, when the hut was put up for sale by owner and founder Margie Jamieson, they jumped at the chance to buy it. And today they’ve created just about the coolest family situation you can imagine: while Mark guides backcountry trips out of the hut, Sarah runs the show and home schools their kids, Grace and Alden, who’ve spent every winter there since 2005. It’s a life perfectly summed up by Alden, who says, “What you do inside, I don’t really know.”

Check out the short film, “Powder Raised,” by Three Peaks Media to get a glimpse of a fantastically adventurous upbringing.


Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.
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  • Maddy

    Lovely vid. Thanks for sharing. Amazing place and for sure an amazing place to grow up!

  • Denise new Midstokke

    Hi Yancy Family! What a wonderful life you have made for yourselves and your children! So great to see them growing up. Your are missed! Your midwife!

  • Sarah Yancey

    Thank you Adventure Journal for sharing!

  • Mike Siemens

    Wonderful little short! The kids give a great interview, wisdom beyond their years! Might have something to do with the parents, dunno? Winter is coming. See you folks in February! Looking forward to being back up that way.

  • Becky Charvoz

    What an amazing adventure! I miss your beaming face Grace. Alden has grown so much! This is a fantastic video showcasing the incredible riches of a path less traveled!

  • Lisa Bessolo

    Thank you for sharing a window into your very cool lives. As a parent, I’m inspired by your passion and intentional decision to follow the path that felt right. As a snowboarder, I’m wondering when the kids will board down some of that beautiful powder? Maybe they already do 🙂 Right on you guys.

  • Sue Raymond

    This video makes me miss you guys and that magical place in the mountains…I can’t wait to get up there again…⛷❄️⛄️

  • Joanne

    Inspiring. Something so real going on there. Thanks for sharing!

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