With winter bearing down upon us, it’s time to make sure all your gear is cleaned, tuned, and ready. Core shots p-texed? Check. Holes in your Gore-Tex duct-taped? Check. Gaper Day outfits at the ready? What, no?

That’s where the Retro Ski Shop comes in, providing cringe-worthy retrostalgic gear for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have inherited Dad’s old onesie or Mom’s skin-tight, shimmery ski pants.

The guys behind Retro Ski Shop, RJ Wimett and Harry Ward, always had a knack for hunting down classic, outrageous gear in thrift shops and secondhand stores. After filling their own closets to the brim, they decided to take their skills to the web and save customers from thumbing through moldy old clothes in Deseret Industries. Though their gear is just a little pricier than what you might find in, say, Bozeman’s Salvation Army, these guys have a real eye for the atrocious (and awesome).



Retro Ski Shop’s motto is “keep it bright and tight” and they do just that, stocking their e-pages with Bogner onesies, fanny packs, and a gloriously weird Mountain Dew-branded ski jacket. And the logo? That blissful, backscratching naked skier is Wimett’s dad, who streaked through Snowbowl’s Gelande Ski Jump comp in the 1970s and clearly raised his kid with a respect for fun.

Crazy outfits have always had a place in skiers’ hearts, but Wimett and Ward are capitalizing on a recent resurgence of old-school silhouettes and funky colors, both in modern gear that nods toward the ’70s and ’80s and a burgeoning appreciation among young skiers for goofy vintage pieces. Fashion is cyclical, as they say, and everything Suzy “Chapstick” Chafee was wearing in the 70s is back with a vengeance.

If you’re looking for the perfect, head-turning outfit for aprés, pond skims, and Gaper Day, Wimett and Ward have you covered.