Video Captures Vandals Knocking Over Oregon Rock Formation

Footage of incident is going viral, and Oregon State Police are looking at pressing charges.

Three years ago, a group of Utah Boy Scout leaders got in major hot water for knocking over a rock formation in Goblin Valley, filming it, and putting the footage on social media. In echoes of that incident, a group of people were captured pushing over a well-known sandstone rock formation in Cape Kiwanda, Oregon, called the Duckbill–only they were filmed by drone operator David Kalas instead of shooting it themselves.

The destruction occurred on August 29, and Oregon State Parks initially reported it as a natural phenomenon–geology at work–in an area so dangerous the parks department had blocked it off (six people have died in the area in the last two years).


“So this happened,” OSP wrote on Facebook. “The iconic sandstone formation at Cape Kiwanda–some called it the Duckbill–has collapsed. No one was injured, fortunately; but the rubble serves as a sobering reminder of the ever present dangers of our fragile coastal rocks and cliffs. Who knows what will collapse next?”

Perhaps the anonymity of a bunch of jerkoffs who took it upon themselves to destroy something that had stood place for thousands of years? Oregon State Police have reviewed Kalas’s footage and may press charges for knocking over the popular seven-foot-tall pedestal.

“I asked them, you know, why they knocked the rock down,” Kalas told KATU News, “and the reply I got was: their buddy broke their leg earlier because of that rock. They basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard, and that they did the world or Oregon a favor.

“They were just standing on top of the rubble of the rock, laughing, smiling, giggling,” he said. “I just want them to learn a lesson you know, because if they do this here they will probably do it elsewhere.”


Photo by Oregon State Parks


Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.
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  • Scott

    I would expect more from Boy Scout Leaders. I would consider charges if it were my decision. Most importantly this is another reminder to all of us of our responsibility to be good stewards of nature and our planet.

    • J.C.

      You missed the details… these are not Scout leaders. That incident was three years ago, in Utah.

  • Derek

    Have there always been jackasses like these, who think they can ruin parks for everyone, or is it just more of them have been caught on camera with the advent of smartphones?

  • zigy

    YES, and YES.
    I admit I was hoping some injurious but non-fatal part would fall on the foot of the person in black.
    This footage is not of the Boy Scout leaders in Goblin Valley, UT; that was some time ago..

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