Jackson Hole is blowing up the internet. Rather, a live cam of the town square seen looking northeast from Broadway and Cache has become the hottest thing since bears fishing for salmon in Alaska. Why? One must ask why, absolutely. But despite the worthiness of the question, despite the existential core of the inquiry, which any remotely reflective person would be compelled to ask, there is no real answer. It’s the internet, man. Just accept it.

At latest glance, several thousand people were watching, with the live chat streaming new comments at the rate of two or three a second. There’s a Reddit (r/Jacksonholetownsquare/). There are people running in front of the camera to do things like the worm. And the internet goes crazy every time a red truck drives through.

Oh, and there’s a guy running a red light and getting busted by the cops:

lnnJu4q - Imgur

The Verge has even weighed in with a post called “This live stream of an intersection in a random Wyoming town is my favorite fall TV show.”


“The best part of any television viewing experience is of course, the dialogue surrounding the show,” writes Kaitlyn Tiffany. “That’s the only reason why I continued watching Mad Men after its second season, forcing it down every week like 42 consecutive minutes of zeitgeisty broccoli and brussels sprouts. Apart from the stray swastika and joke about “fapping,” the dialogue surrounding “Jackson Hole Town Square” is pretty good. It’s a lot of shouting “BUS” or “PERSON,” but it has a much lower barrier of entry than Mad Men and you don’t have to pretend to care about the lighting.”

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