Oh, Just Your Average 600-mile Training Run Through the Rockies

Three men run the Crown Traverse from Missoula to Banff. Kinda makes that 10K feel a little light.

When you set out to run the 600-mile Crown Traverse, there’s a lot less running than you might think. Imagine marathon-length days of shimmying, scrambling, and rock-hopping along some of the most dramatic ridgelines of the Canadian Rockies.

But when the trails come into focus, they are not only worth the hassle, they are damned spectacular. In this 11-minute video, two men (plus another for part of the trip) run out of their front door in Missoula, Montana, and they don’t turn around until they reach Banff, Alberta. With moose and bighorn sheep questioning their motives, the men cruise gut-wrenchingly beautiful high mountain trails, navigate through white-out snowstorms, and jog along knife ridges where a misstep means a 3,000-foot fall.

One of the runners says, “We wanted there to be an element of unknown and challenge. That was the adventure we were looking for.” That is exactly what they got.


Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal. Follow him on Instagram at @stevecasimiro.
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  • JWesener


  • Zigy

    Does anyone have any info about their overnights when they didn’t have access to their van and food? Hard to imagine they packed both food and (even super lightweight) tents and sleeping bags or even bivy sacks?

    • Matt

      They spent about 1/2 the time using the van. There were stretches of the trip where they’d be unsupported for 4 days. For those times, they’d pack the tent and extra food.

  • Jay Long

    Amazing! Beautiful landscape and incredible journey!

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