1. Daniel Norris is a thoughtful, mellow, easy guy to hang out with for seven minutes and 29 seconds.

2. Ben Moon is crushing the cinematography, with wonderfully composed shots that keep the emotional center where it belongs: on Norris.

3. You get insight into the crazy mental journey of a major league pitcher. No, wait, minor leagues. He got sent to the minors. What’s that like? Norris tells you.


4. The Oregon coast has never looked more inviting.

5. Two words: Volkswagen van.

6. Two more words: tow truck. When you sign up for van life, the second thing you sign up for is extended range AAA.

7. The lessons of being diagnosed with cancer. Think getting sent to the minors is tough? Trying hearing this on top of it. But Norris…he puts it all in perspective.

8. The almost surreal beauty of the shots of Norris walking on a windy beach that start at 3:15.

9. The van’s name is Shaggy.

10. The postscript. Although Norris bounced around between the majors and AAA previously, he got called up this year and found a nice place with the Detroit Tigers. His ERA is on a consistent downward trend (that’s good, for you non-baseball types), around 3.59 for the season but dropping to 3.13 in September. In a game September 12 against Minnesota, he had 11 strikeouts against two walks in six innings pitched. Things are going in the right direction for Mr. Norris.

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