Wise Words: Why Your Life Is Not a Journey

The whole point of dancing is the dance, not some spot on the floor–here’s a few minutes of inspiring video to get you back where you need to be.

A YouTube user named Dumma Dan took a famous recording from British philosopher Alan Watts and matched it to footage from Terrence Malick’s extraordinary The Tree of Life and the result is a powerful reminder about keeping your life priorities straight. If the goal was the destination, Watts says, musicians would be rewarded for playing faster, and the whole payoff would be “one crackling chord.”

Of course, it isn’t. We need to be here, in the now, and aware of it, and Dan’s short bit of inspiration might just recalibrate us back where we need to be.


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  • Victoria

    The truth is under Santos Bonacci.

  • Murray Chase

    I am very glad to have watched this, on this day.

  • fjallman

    That is awesome. Well said.

  • Sue

    Could someone please tell me what the soundtrack is thanks

  • Matt

    Sue, the song is “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last

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