The Blue Landmarks Shelters by the Seas project isn’t a cabin, but rather a collection of 50 different shelters built in 19 different locations across four islands in Denmark’s South Funen Archipelago. The project was designed to highlight the area’s profile as an adventure and outdoor destination by creating a series of structures on the beach or in close proximity to the coast.

There are five different types of structures in the Blue Landmarks project, all drawing inspiration from the old-fashioned livewell–the tanks where local fisherman stored their catch. As such, each different design takes its name from different fish.


The Monkfish features three levels, including an integrated bird watching platform. The Garfish is a 6-7 person overnight shelter that can also be used as a picnic space for school trips. The Lumpfish can overnight 3-5 people and has a sauna. The flounder is a two person overnight cabin. The Eelpout functions as the lavatory. The five different structure types are designed to complement each other while drawing from the surrounding environment and augmenting the area’s reputation as a place for outdoor activities.



The shelters, designed by the Danish firm Lumo Architects, are asymmetrical and covered with large, wooden shingles treated with black-pigmented wood tar oil. Round windows resembling portholes pay homage to the seaside location, yet are strategically placed for viewing nature and the stellar and lunar cycles.


Each landmark site has either an individual structure or a combination of shelters, all located close to the coast to accommodate visitors on their way to the beach as well as those coming from the seaside. The sites support activities year round, and were selected–with close dialogue from the Danish Nature Agency and the Ministry of Environment–to channel traffic away from sensitive natural areas while acting as a launch point for a number of activities, including kayaking, surfing, boating, and diving.







Photos courtesy of Lumo Architects.



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Derek Taylor is the managing editor of He lives in Huntsville, Utah.
Derek Taylor is the managing editor of He lives in Huntsville, Utah.

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