Okay, so, I have to begin this little product preview with an admission. Saxx boxer-briefs are so far and away the most comfortable guys’ underwear that I’ve used, I tossed everything else I owned and restocked the quiver with the brand’s patented briefs. At $30 a pop, getting a whole new quiver wasn’t cheap. And, no Rambo, it wasn’t a quiver of one.

But, boy, was it worth it, because the fabric panels Saxx uses to keep your man parts in place are the most effective and comfy of the many new styles of boxer-briefs on the market. And now Saxx is about to expand its product offerings in a big way and the first to come my way is the Kinetic running short. And so, yeah, me and the boys were stoked to check them out.

Made of a soft polyester outer shell and a snuggly nylon/Spandex liner, the Kinetics do not disappoint, and the BallPark Pouch is the primary reason why: No matter how dynamic your running, leaping, cutting, juking, and parkouring, the things you want to stay in place do, thanks to this paneled pocket. As with ski bindings, you set ’em and forget ’em–no more surreptitiously jamming a hand down the front of your shorts to rearrange the furniture for proper feng shui. What’s done is done and it’s good.


The Kinetic has a five-inch inseam and 15-inch outseam (size medium), which is the perfect length for a running short and is a proper antidote to baggy, hoops-style shorts a lot of guys run in. I haven’t yet gotten tangled in too-baggy running shorts and tumbled ignominiously down the trail, but it’s only a matter of time. With the Kinetics, ain’t gonna happen.

The Saxx Kinetic running shorts cost $75 and will be available in January 2017. It’s soon time for another restock.

BallPark Pouch

SAXX Run Short Liner

saxx kinetic running short

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