The Best Damn Camping Spoon Ever is…a Piece of Wood?

It’s lightweight, simple, and may become your most indispensable piece of camping gear.

I’m often defending myself over my dedication to one particular piece of camping gear. “No, really, it’s just such a good spoon,” I’ll say to the confused faces of friends and family. Undoubtedly they think I’m a weirdo for my devotion to a utensil–and not just any utensil, but to this simple, wooden spoon.

In their defense, I never saw it coming either. But, sometimes love strikes when you least expect it. Gossamer Gear’s Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon is that love for me. It is a cherished piece of my life in the outdoors. It is glorious.


It doesn’t bend or fold. It is not engineered titanium. There is no “spork” aspect, or serrated edge, or a half-dozen extraneous uses. It is just a spoon. An 8.25-inch-long, 1.4-inch-wide, 15-gram bamboo spoon. And in this simplicity rests the best damn camping spoon ever made.

My first trip with this spoon was into the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana. I threw it into my pack, giving it no special thought. By nightfall, however, as I reached into the bottom of my mushroom risotto and came out clean-handed, I knew that backcountry meals would never be the same. Its size and material work wonders for both the body and the soul.


The long handle allows you to dig deep into those freeze-dried meals, sparing your hand all of the sticky mess that comes from reaching a short, metal spoon into the final depths of the bag. Since it is bamboo, it doesn’t conduct heat, stain, or absorb flavors in the ways that metals do. There’s no lingering metallic taste. With the gentlest of tongue baths, it looks fresh and new.

Made with natural materials, the spoon is not only lightweight, but blends nicely with a scenic backdrop of mountains and alpine lakes. Rather than looking like high-tech gadgetry, this spoon looks like it belongs there. It meets every meal with style and grace, bowing in reverence to its environment.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the bells and whistles of the newest, sweetest gear. The Gossamer Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon sets it self apart by not standing out. In its simplicity, this spoon is, quite simply, the best camping spoon ever. And if loving it so much makes me a weirdo, so be it.

Photos by Stephanie Baker. Product shot courtesy of Gossamer Gear.

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  • Tyler


  • Michael Tamulaites

    I’ve been traveling with Bamboo utensils for more then a decade. The same utensils, not just the same type. I have a knife, fork, spoon, and chop sticks. They come in a cool pouch. The other cool thing not mentioned is that they pass through airport security with ease. So fun to watch others trying to eat with crap plastic-wear.

    Mine came from The pouch is made from recycled materials. Cool stuff.

  • J

    I use a wooden (probably bamboo) spoon too. Its a “posh” long handled tea spoon I picked up in a sale for less than £1. While I agree its nice to have something that blends into the background I’ve painted the end of the handle red so its easier to see if dropped at night.

  • D

    I use chopsticks. they are simple, disposable, and abundant. most campsites have hundreds of them laying around on the forest floor. if you are planning a few days above tree line you may need to put a few in your pack.

  • Jay Long

    When you think about it; makes perfect sense. The beauty of nature and her resources.

  • Eric

    Great review – thanks for posting.

    I feel like so much of the gear-focused content from outdoor blogs is focused on hightech gadgetry with new-fangled and superfluous features, but when I reach into my pack while in the backcountry it’s the cheap and simple items I love the most. This kind of knowledge sharing can bring backpackers a great deal of insight and joy while at the same time letting some of the air out of our consumerism-focused society. Again, thanks for posting!

  • Diane

    If you have two of them, they make a great musical instrument. Best sounding spoons you can play.

  • Max Puchtel

    Do you have any issues with cleaning it? My concern is that the metal spoons achieve an easy clean with soap and water, while a wooden spoon may retain some food material unless you scrub intensely.

    • Korrin

      There’s a finish on it, which makes it clean really easily and not retain odors/stains — even without soap and water; just a tongue bath! I’ve personally found it easier to get clean than the metal spoons I’ve used. Though, I did recently hear from another user that it’s probably not best used for doing something like stirring boiling water for very long, as that will wear down the finish. But, for eating, I’ll never go back to anything else!

  • Scott

    I have the same questions/concerns as Max. It’s my impression that it’s easier to clean a metal spoon than a wooden one, and I also have the impression that wood tends to hold odors more/longer than a metal spoon. I was surprised to hear the OP saying otherwise. Maybe it’s the bamboo that keeps these concerns from being an issue…

    • Korrin

      Check out my reply to Max re: the spoon’s finish!

  • Don

    Um…but your spoon isn’t made of wood. Bamboo is a grass.

  • Mike

    I don’t eat meals out of a bag, but I do appreciate a long handle for eating peanut butter out of large jars. I have snapped my share of Lexan and other bamboo spoons on peanut butter while in the backcountry.
    How strong and durable is Gossamer Gear’s Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon when it comes to thick, dense peanut butter?

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