Mountain Biker Crashes Into Bear

Is it a moment of regret, moment of relief, or both?

A video posted by Davis Souza (@savydouza) on

Can’t blame this one on an ignorant tourist in a national park. In fact, this looks like a no-fault accident…no hard, no foul.


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  • Sage

    Typical of so MANY Lake Tahoe area riders, he was riding way beyond his ability to react. He Is not only a danger to wildlife, but humans as well.
    These are the same guys that want access into designated wilderness areas nationally and onto the Pacific Crest Trail (a National Scenic Trail) in that area.

    • Serotta

      @Sage In no way was the rider a problem here. The bear was in a shadowy area so hard to see to begin with. For all we know it was just sitting there and then darted out by being startled by the bear. Deer run out in front of cars doing the posted speed limit all the time and get hit, not the drivers fault. Things just happen..

    • MikeG

      When you get mauled by a bear we’ll make sure to twist it into an illogical call to ban hikers from the PCT and Wilderness areas.

      When a deer jumps in front of your car on the interstate will you use it to say cars should be banned from the freeway for driving beyond their ability to react?

  • DanO

    Well, you know, sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear….
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I have had this almost happen with deer, but never a bear. Pretty cool.

  • bcb

    Dude he could have been going way slower and a bear would have still wiped him out if it spooked and broke like that. Don’t be such a fuddy duddy.

  • Riley John

    Bear 1, Biker 0. All I can say is good thing momma bear was not around to witness the collision.

  • Parthiv Shinde

    LOLZ how one can manage that madness 🙂

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