Jeff Frost spent 20 years working in the music industry before enrolling in school to learn photography and then, after he acquired shooting skills, he devoted himself to documenting the power and destruction of wildfires-to the point where he hasn’t lived in a permanent residence in two years.

“Right now I feel it is critical that people understand the impacts of global warming and prolonged drought,” he told the Napa Valley Register. “I want to put them right in the middle of a fire – make it real to them. I don’t feel like fire itself is awful, since it’s normally a necessity for a healthy forest. I do feel like too much of it is happening as a result of our poor stewardship of the planet.

“Like it or not, we are in that position and there’s no going back. Nine out of 10 wildfires in California are caused by humans. They have devastating effects on people who own property, wildlife and businesses, but for those brave firefighters who lose their lives it’s a tragedy so deep that it’s hard to articulate. I’ve seen these people in action up close and they are as bad-ass as it gets. They’re real-life heroes, and they’re protecting all of us.”

Frost has been photographing fires for years, but now is collating his efforts in a documentary, an artistic film (teaser for that below), and a book.

See more of Frost’s work on Facebook, Instagram, and at his portfolio site.

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