When I create the Adventure Hall of Fame, Al Humphreys is going to be a shoe-in. Al, as you might now, has pioneered the concept of microadventures. These are nothing more than quick, short, don’t-let-anything-stand-in-the-way excursions. It might be sleeping in a park by your house for the night, it might be blasting as much as you can for 24 hours. Al certainly didn’t invent going fast and light, but he brought a very marketable, inspirational form to the idea, one that can nudge and pull and push against inertia. “Microadventure? I have time for that.”

In this one, Humphreys and Temujin Doran zip to Croatia for a single night and pack as much as they can in. The “we did this” and “then we did this” narration gets a little old, but it’s a fun romp to a cool place that should serve as impetus to get out there yourself.

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