Go ahead and laugh, but until you’ve sat before a fire of ginger-infused artisanal logs, you haven’t lived. And it’s just experiences like these – the scent of nature combined with the loving hand of the discriminating maker – that have driven the wildly successful trajectory of Smoke and Flame, Canada’s only premium handcrafted firewood manufacturer.

“Nowadays when people think of firewood they think of it being ‘hog-tied’ in plastic and sold for $5.99 at gas stations,” said founder and chief artisan Jesse Horn in this profile by the CBC’s This and That. “To me this is wrong and it completely disrespects the wood.”

Horn started Smoke and Flame three years ago after becoming frustrated with mainstream, mass-market wood.


“I wanted to bring craftmanship back to firewood production,” Horn says with pride.

Prices of Smoke and Flame range from $499 for a couple of sticks up to $1,200 for a small bundle, but customers don’t flinch.

“My customers want to know that they’re burning quality and they are happy to pay a little bit more to achieve that.”


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