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Few things are worth enough to skip a vacation. But Sondre Forsell makes a pretty strong case for using your money for a camera instead. Two years ago, since he wasn’t taking a vacation that year, he used his savings on a camera and a telephoto lens to capture the cold bitterness of surfing near his home in Norway. He liked it, and hasn’t stopped since.

Forsell captures the feelings of both the cold water and warm friendliness of surf culture around Jæren. “Jæren is a beautiful place surrounded with farms and a long main road that goes along the coast. The light conditions here on the west coast is what makes Jæren really special and the fact that it’s not overcrowded is also a plus,” he says.

The waves might be frigid, but local surfers will always say hi, he says, and they’ve helped out local farmers with money to repair the roads they use to access their surf spots. “A dedicated Jæren surfer jumps into the water if there is a slight chance of catching a wave, even though its heavy cold rain or ice and snow on the ground.”


This summer, Forsell is taking to the road for a surf trip with friends in Jeeps with rooftop tents-and an aim to make a short film. You can follow that project @overlandnorway, and Forsell @sondreforsell.

Sondre 1“This was shot the first time I was out testing my water housing, on a great sunny spring day at Jæren.”

Sondre 2“This picture is from a mountain hike to a beautiful cabin with no electricity and water. The cabin is far away from civilization, and at night the sky was clear and the stars were bright.”


Sondre 3“Summer surf at Jæren. There are two to three months a year when the surfers can surf barefoot, without gloves and hoodie.”

Sondre 4“Also taken at the same hike to the mountains. A picture that shows how beautiful the landscape is up there.”

Sondre 5“A sunny spring surf with a beautiful lighthouse in the background. The lighthouse was built in 1859 and it’s now possible to go there and have a sleep over.”

Sondre 6“Brewing some coffee to keep warm.”

Sondre 7“Clear sky and the stars out in the wild.”

Sondre 8 “Shot this winter. Not much to say, but it was cold…”

Sondre 9“Nice Sunday activity, canoeing and bonfire.”

Sondre 10“Jæren surfers in the line up. Waiting to fight for the next wave.”

Sondre 11

“A picture taken at a local, and the first, surf festival in Norway, called “Lydbølger” (meaning: sound waves), roof top tent is up, nap sack is on, and ready for bed after a long day with concerts, filming and what else is happening on a festival.”


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Contributing editor Hilary Oliver lives in Denver and blogs at The Gription.