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Snow will return to the mountains for at least one more winter season in 2014, it announced Monday, despite widely circulated retirement rumors after the winter of 2013-14, most prominently in California.

“After a long, hard look at things, I had to admit it wasn’t about me, or what I want to do,” Snow said. “It’s for the people. It’s a lot of work, but in the end, the dumping, the nuking, and dropping the sicky icky gnar gnar pow pow is what I love, just to see the smiles on people’s faces.”

Snow said that after another summer of relaxing and considering retirement, it took a couple quick laps around Utah and Colorado in September, and made a decision.


“It felt okay, and I decided, what the hell, maybe I have a few more winters left in me,” Snow said. “You know what people say, with climate change and everything, maybe I’m not going to do as well as I used to do. People talk. Well, those people can eat my face shots again this year. And enjoy it.”

Snow also said it figured this winter, it might be good to spend some time in the Sierra Nevada, “just to make sure things don’t get all ‘Mad Max’ in Southern California next summer.”

The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true.

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