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After a strenuous, steep hike to the summit of Mount Si near Seattle on Friday, a hungry Theresa Booker opened and bit into an energy bar, finding it to be a fairly adequate substitute for other foods she found herself fantasizing about on her four-mile walk to the summit.

Although it was not a chicken mole burrito, a pepperoni pizza, or a slice of cherry pie ala mode, Booker found the bar’s taste to be decent, and not offensive.

“As far as energy bars go, it’s okay,” she told her hiking partner, Jen Welton. “I think I’ve eaten this flavor a couple times before, but I can’t remember.”


Booker chewed a few bites of the bar while enjoying the view from the summit, thinking maybe adding some peanut butter would make it a little more interesting, but then maybe a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich would have been better instead, and maybe next time she’d plan ahead better and pack some more interesting food, like that guy’s sandwich over there that looked like it had some sort of salami and cheese in it and maybe a tomato. She unscrewed the cap of her water bottle and washed fragments of energy bar down her throat.

“I would say I’m whelmed,” Booker said. “Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed. There are calories in this bar, and I’m hungry. It seems to be doing the trick.” Booker offered Welton the last bite of the bar. Welton politely declined.

The Adventurey Report is almost certainly not true. Photo by FoodJunk

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