Are Americans too iconoclastic for pre-fab, except in double wide trailer parks? Is it just a European thing? If so, too bad. Not only are pre-fabricated homes generally less expensive to make, it’s a lot easier to control the manufacturing process under a roof than out in the woods or on the edge of the ocean. And, too, as with Møn Huset, a model offered by Lykke and Nielsen architects, buying a plan ready made reduces so many of the innumerable decisions you have to make.

With Møn Huset, you get 800 square feet of living space in two modules, a large communal area and a small sleeping cube, separated by a little breezeway. The vaulted ceiling lends a much airier sense of space than you might imagine, and the smooth white walls bounce the light from the massive sliding front wall, giving a remarkably strong sense of inside/outside for such a small shelter.










Weekend Cabin isn’t necessarily about the weekend, or cabins. It’s about the longing for a sense of place, for shelter set in a landscape…for something that speaks to refuge and distance from the everyday. Nostalgic and wistful, it’s about how people create structure in ways to consider the earth and sky and their place in them. It’s not concerned with ownership or real estate, but what people build to fulfill their dreams of escape. The very time-shortened notion of “weekend” reminds that it’s a temporary respite.


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